The government of Nepal believes on the merits of satellite communication to hasten development parallel to government of Nepal policy of progressive privatization./ the ministry of information and communication has licensed a Nepali company Space Time Network (P) Ltd. To establish and operate satellite transmission system in Nepal.

  1. Establishing and operating multi system cable TV operations
  2. Establishing and operating television broadcasting and satellite uplink station in Nepal.

Long Term Goals
Improvement of electronic communication in Nepal by providing:

  • Quality service with state of the art technology in multi- system cable television transmission system.
  • The premium television broadcasting transmission service with qualitative cutting edge technology in satellite uplink system.
  • The high end subscriber friendly multimedia services including Internet service with quality hardware and software system.

Short Term Goals
A service oriented Organization that has potential to e positioned on a real time service provider.

  • Service with Value System
  • Increase subscriber base
  • Accommodate interests of subscribers
  • Provide qualitative service to satisfy each subscriber
  • Utilize best technology at affordable price with applicable system

Information and Communication

  1. Subscriber information system extends service of providing needed information to each subscriber on network management and system.
  2. Cable TV schedule with information on channels
  3. Occasional interactive and participatory meet between STN and its subscribers with incentives to express mutual concerns.
  4. Utilize various media to reach out to all subscribers with potential information.

Service Capabilities:

• The leading communicati on company in Nepal with the cut above technology and system integrati on            in Satellite Cable Television Network.
• Target System Quality (TSQ) equipment and faciliti es ensure best recepti on and undeterred quality            of  video/audio signals.
• Broadband capability of its cable system can provide multi -channel TV and multi -media            services.
• High quality round-the-clock video/audio signals to subscribers irrespecti ve of distance and place.
• 24 hours on-call maintenance services.
• Program mix to meet diff erent tastes and paying capability of diff erent subscribers.