With over 18 years of expertise, Space Time is a leader in providing premier communication solutions for the quality cable T.V. system in Nepal. It all started in April 1993 when Space Time was granted a license from the Ministry of Information and Communication to establish and operate satellite transmission in Nepal for cable TV operations. With this, STN is probably the first private company in South Asia to be granted such a license. At present STN has been transmitting 85 premium channels with its own Nepali Channel, ‘Channel Nepal’ Including CT Cinema and STN Music.

Space Time has intended to start Multimedia with Internet Protocol as value added services. Space Time network is shortly converting their services to complete digital platform, therefore, every T.V. set in each household will be connected to our set top box, which shall be installed for them by our experienced technicians. This means better quality, value added services such as video on demand, interactive services, gaming and many more. We know our subscribers deserve the best.

The STN management considers our subscribers to be its greatest assets. The growth of the STN is the result of the successful development of the organization, the business unit, the subscriber-oriented approach, subscriber service and confidence and loyalty of its subscribers, which is realized by its associates everyday.

State-Of- the art technology coverage with world-renowned equipment from internationally reputed companies has given full strength to its service delivery system.

Space Time using the best equipments from well-reputed companies like Barco, Scientific Atlanta, Arcodan, C-core, Philips and GI from CATV.

Space time Network has extended rigorous service to provide the best viewing, quality, entertainment, productive information and useful knowledge to all its valued subscribers. STN now has provided latest technology, ‘fibre optics’ in cable television services with digital transmission capabilities.